Thursday, January 8, 2009

Shaving 3 Minutes Off 10km PR

Justin always pushes the pace from the the start of these runs, but I usually do not see my pace improve this much or this quickly. Perhaps his challenge for me (to stay sub 8 through Palisades Park) made all the difference.

So...I can do 10km in 45:20.41. Perhaps a sub 45 10km is not out of the question after all. If I can keep this up, maybe a 1:30 half marathon will be within reach before this year is over.

Reviewing my heart rate data, it is interesting to see that my average heart rate is no different today than Tuesday. 186 beats per minute clearly appears to be my max heart rate as I never exceed it even during the all out sprint at the end. Even though my pace does drop during the ever so subtle incline in Palisades Park, just keeping it sub 8 pushed my average heart rate close to the max...for an entire mile!

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