Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Year End Report

Well, I finished the year with 1,151 running miles...the most I've run since 2015 (which makes sense given that I ran a marathon and was training for another during that year...just like I am now).  I fell only 19 miles short of that total, miles I would have run had I not gotten injured.  After sequential years of slowing, I have also seen an uptick in my annual average pace...back under 10 minutes per mile for the first time since 2015 (again this makes total sense), but ever so slightly faster (closer to my average back in 2013).

It remains to be seen if I can bring my annual average pace back under 9 minutes per mile as was the case during my peak marathon running years, but I suspect I will not be able to reset my PR unless I do.  In other words, I must focus on improving my pace over the coming year so that I am ready for another attempt at Surf City in 2021...

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