Saturday, January 17, 2009

PVHS - Avenue F Orbit (14 Miles)

Having only run once this week and wanting to total at least 20 per week this year during weeks I am not snowboarding, I set out on a 14 miler. I have not run this distance in awhile, so I do not set a pace goal, but my new heart rate monitor gives me another idea for how to gauge my run. I decide to try an average around 80% of my max heart rate over the whole distance. If I see my rate approach the max, I will ease back...if I fall too much below 80%, I will pick up the pace.

Turns out, maintaining 80% is not that hard to do. If my max heart rate is 190, I only need to hit 152 beats per minute. Without really pushing myself, I average 167.

An interesting article about heart rate zones discusses the value of targeting 65-70% for recovery runs...I will have to try this one of these days.

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