Thursday, October 3, 2019

10 Days Before Long Beach Marathon 2.0

Very interesting. My pace on this morning's 5 mile orbit seemed quick, so I decided to look back at my history to see when I last ran this particular route at a comparable pace...and didn't find anything after November 1, 2012 (when my average was 8:44/mile).  This is a pretty big deal given that I probably run this particular orbit more than any other route and in recent years my pace was rarely even sub 10.

Given that I still use the same marathon training schedule, that 5 miler was an equivalent activity 10 days before a marathon.  In 2012, I ran Malibu in 3:42:56.  I don't want to read too much into this given that my overall training pace in 2012 was significantly faster, but this is encouraging!

Since I was already looking back at my running history, I looked up the 5 miler I ran before the Long Beach Marathon 10 years ago...and I ran the same orbit in a ridiculously fast 7:31/mile (currently my record). I finished that particular marathon, my second overall, in 3:43:17. This year I'm just hoping to get under 4...

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