Saturday, January 30, 2010

21 Miles Today, Tahoe Tomorrow

Despite a slight setback due to illness a couple of weeks ago, my training for the Los Angeles Marathon has remained largely on schedule.

I was not sure if I would make it all the way through today's 21 miler (almost called it quits between miles 17 and 18...and again after mile 20), but I completed the distance...and at a strong pace. My 10km split was a quick 46:57 and I hit my half marathon split at 1:44:43 (have yet to finish a half marathon race that quickly). I ran this as an out-and-back, largely on the dirt trail that runs from Hermosa Beach through Manhattan Beach. For some strange reason, the path felt uphill in both directions!

That said, I am about to take a week off from running...a small sacrifice for snowboarding. I may hit the treadmill in the hotel's fitness center while I am there, but chances are I will save all of my energy for the mountain.

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