Thursday, December 31, 2009

Final Run of 2009

This morning, while on my final run of the year, I started thinking about my Resolutions for 2010...and, perhaps because I came up with this list while huffing and puffing, they skew in that direction:

1) Match or beat my time from the 25th Long Beach Marathon during the 25th in L.A.

I waited until the week of Long Beach to set my best case 3:45 time goal because I was afraid of repeating what happened on Maui. Even though Long Beach's course was flat and the temperature was ideal on race day, finishing the 26.2 miles in under 3:45 gives me hope for Los Angeles' new downhill trending course.

2) Break the 6 minute per mile barrier

This goal has eluded me, even on days when I felt strong enough and had the assistance of gravity. I suppose I will have to get over my distaste for interval training if I want to achieve this. I do not intend to run many of these...just one on a short day would make me happy!

3) Drive my NSX at least as many miles as I run each week

There is nothing more upsetting than having to jump start your favorite automobile whenever you get the itch to drive her. Since I am no longer willing to commute in my garage queen, I need to make time to drive her on weekends (at least enough to keep her battery charged). Perhaps even more distressing, this year marks the fewest miles I have driven her...barely topping my running mileage!

4) Finish everything I start (including a backlog of things already started)

Like Resolution #3, this one is not specifically directed towards running...but it sure sounds like it.

At the beginning of 2009, I only had one goal: To run the full distance of a marathon. Though I did not state this as my New Year's Resolution, it was clearly my intent. Despite hitting some personal lows, I never wavered in my training. The result? I more than exceeded my expectations at Long Beach...and in the months that followed.

In 2008, I was amazed that I could run 800 miles in one year. 1,000 seemed possible, but unlikely. This year, I ran more than 900 before the October marathon. I recovered quickly enough from that race to add many more. This morning's run pushed me past 1,250 for the year...enough miles to retire two pairs of Kayano 13s and, within the next week or two, a pair of Kayano 15s. This was a serious time investment with 53 more hours dedicated to running than during the year before, but at an average pace nearly a minute per mile faster.

Will I be able to repeat this mileage feat? If I stay injury and illness free, I probably will. Note that I have not been sick since I started blogging about running in 2007...or perhaps because I have been running.

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