Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Why I Don't Run In Asics GT2120s

Rather than risk running in a nearly worn out pair of Asics Kayano 13s to keep my Kayano 15s fresh for Sunday's race, I decide to use my nearly untouched pair of GT2120s. About three miles into this morning's six miler and just as I really start to hit my stride, I remember why I stopped using them. I develop a burning sensation on the inside of my arches. The insides of my knees are feeling each footfall a little bit more than usual, probably because this pair does not provide as much stability as my Kayanos. And please say those aren't the tingling beginnings of shin splints.

Fortunately I survived this run with nothing more than a tiny blister on the inside of my left foot's arch. This should not affect Thursday's run and will be long gone before Sunday.

Next time I get the stupid idea to run in my GT2120, I will refer to this post. Of course, I should have looked at my previous running blog.

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