Saturday, October 17, 2009

First Orbit Post-Marathon #2

After my first marathon, I waited eight days before attempting to run again. Two days after my second, I was itching to lace up my running shoes. In the interest of avoiding injuries, I convinced myself to take the full week off.

That is, until today.

No longer able to resist the urge to move my feet, I head out on my basic 3 mile orbit. My legs do not feel like they have just run a marathon. The breathing is a little labored, not wholly unexpected during the initial climb given that I have not run since Sunday, but otherwise this feels like any day after a break. I average 9 minutes per mile, which is several seconds per mile slower than my average for this loop...but I blame this morning's unexpectedly high temperature.

I am so glad this is not the morning of my race.

Can you believe that Mammoth opened for skiing and snowboarding yesterday?

As my next marathon is not for another five months, I have decided I should limit myself to no more than 26 miles per week until the New Year. There is no urgency to push pace either.

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