Saturday, September 26, 2009

Asics Kayano 15

In my first running blog, I expressed deep concern that Asics had screwed up their Kayano formula when they produced the 14th generation. The Kayano 13 was the first running shoe that, for me, was truly love at first wear. I owned at least five pairs of them. They took me from running my first 5 mile race to my first full marathon. With my second just two weeks away, my aging 13s just a few miles from retirement, and replacements now impossible to find, I had to look for a successor.

I am happy to report that with the Kayano 15, Asics has apparently undone all of the issues I had with their immediate predecessor and possibly even improved the formula. The first thing my feet notice is an even more generous toe box...the laces almost appear to run down the side of the shoe due to this welcome enlargement. Though I have only run 5 miles in this new pair, the stability and comfort seem as good as ever. I will not comment about how much spring these add to each step because my last pair of 13s have logged nearly 400 miles (more evidence that the time has come to hang them up).

I want to save this new pair for Long Beach, but it will be tough. If I stick to my training schedule, I still have 50 miles to run...and the last thing I need to do is injure myself just days before a race.

And is it merely coincidence that, while I never intended to push pace during this morning's five miler, I log my fastest time on this particular loop?

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