Monday, September 14, 2009

Anniversary of First Marathon

Interesting statistics:

Total Distance:
Total Time:
Average Pace:
Average Speed:
Total Calories:
Total Ascent:
Total Descent:
Avg Heart Rate:
800.58 mi
9:30 /mi
6.3 mph
107788 cal
134510 ft
136965 ft
No monitor
2009 YTD
799.28 mi
8:36 /mi
7.0 mph
105590 cal
133433 ft
135933 ft
156 bpm

I may not be sticking as close to a marathon training schedule this time around, but, even without doing so, I have traveled much further...and, despite running fewer races, have done so at a significantly faster pace. If I do not get injured during the Long Beach Marathon, I have a very good chance of totaling 1,000 miles this year!

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