Saturday, June 27, 2009

Elementary Cheesecake Orbit

I guess I got a little ahead of myself when I posted my last blog entry in May.

I did not anticipate how attending all three days of the Electronic Entertainment Expo would not only delay my plan to add miles, but also disrupt my previously established routine. For much of June, I did not even total twenty miles per week or maintain my minimum frequency of runs. I even had a couple of weeks without a 10+ mile run.

Fortunately, this did not appear to hurt my pace or endurance as much as I would have thought. I completed the first 10Km of this morning's run in 48:30. I actually kept my pace sub-8 minutes per mile through 9.5 miles...and may have been able to sustain it longer had I not tripped.

Yes, a tree root jumped out of the ground, grabbed my foot, and pulled me over...a diving forward slide on my bare chest (had removed my shirt due to this morning's heat). Fortunately, I fell upon a soft, grassy median (no road rash, but my neck and upper back complained a bit after I got back up).

Today's route was a 13.55 mile variation of my half marathon "Cheesecake Orbit", "Elementary" because I ran by both Riviera and the site where Parkway was located. And my reward will be lunch (and hopefully dessert) at The Cheesecake Factory!

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