Saturday, December 4, 2021

Marathon Training #11 Complete

I aligned this training schedule as if I were going to run the California International Marathon (a race I have yet to run), but with COVID-19 variants still causing surges around the country, I didn't feel comfortable registering for any race, even though I was fully vaxxed before Mother's Day (and boosted in time for Thanksgiving).  But I also didn't want to break my goal of running a marathon per year so soon after I had successfully resumed running them...nor did I want to waste the solid mileage base I managed to maintain through the pandemic.

Without an actual race as an incentive and with my local track not being available for interval training for most of this schedule, my average pace didn't experience the final boost I usually see when I begin to taper...but I did find the motivation to more than complete my distance goals.  I wasn't sure if I could ramp up my mileage without the dangling carrot, but here I am....ready to run another marathon in 2021.

How I'll actually fare tomorrow remains to be seen. I only recently decided that I am going to attempt to run the Palos Verdes Marathon 26.2 mile course from 2008...and I didn't really train to attack a course consisting of constantly rolling hills.  My only experience starting and finishing at Point Fermin was during my final long run of this cycle and during the PV Half Marathon in 2008.  The latter was only my second half marathon...and it didn't go so well.  Will I treat it as a race? Or will it just be another long run?

Final five weeks of this cycle:

10/31-11/06: 24.05 @ 9:32/mi
11/07-11/13: 45.75 @ 10:06/mi
11/14-11/20: 35.90 @ 9:33/mi
11/21-11/27: 31.14 @ 9:50/mi (my long run and Thanksgiving kinda slowed me down)
11/28-12/04: 21.50 @ 9:22/mi

Final five weeks before the Los Angeles Marathon in 2020:

02/01-02/07: 47 @ 09:34/mi
02/08-02/14: 28 @ 09:55/mi (reduced mileage while on Oahu)
02/15-02/21: 38 @ 09:04/mi
02/22-02/28: 31 @ 08:45/mi
02/29-03/06: 25 @ 08:32/mi

Final four weeks before the Long Beach Marathon in 2019:

09/15-09/21: 23.16 @ 10:11/mi (does not include cycling on 09/15)
09/22-09/28: 53.72 @ 10:04/mi
09/29-10/05: 19.22 @ 09:28/mi (with 5K @ 08:54)
10/06-10/12: 20.28 @ 09:02/mi

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