Saturday, November 10, 2012

Marathon #5 Training Complete

While this was supposed to be the year I would start running multiple marathons, I will have to settle for one in fifth in five years.  My average training pace is not on par with my previous two, but is slightly better than 2009 with a similar week-to-week progression.  I have definitely run the miles necessary to prepare me for the Malibu Marathon, but, even though I did break my half marathon PR earlier this year, I am not expecting to do so on Sunday.  I will be exceptionally happy if I break 3:40, especially considering that this course is uphill trending from miles 18 through 24.

10/13-10/20: 46.65 @ 8:46/mi
10/21-10/27: 36.67 @ 8:31/mi
10/28-11/03: 30.15 @ 8:18/mi
11/04-11/10: 20.22 @ 8:13/mi
training pace for month: 8:31/mi

Month before the Surf City Marathon in 2011:
01/09-01/15: 45.49 @ 8:17/mi
01/16-01/22: 36.42 @ 8:27/mi
01/23-01/29: 30.02 @ 8:06/mi
01/30-02/05: 20.26 @ 7:40/mi
Average training pace for month: 8:11/mi

Average race pace: 8:13/mi

Month before the Los Angeles Marathon in 2010:
02/21-02/27: 45.41 @ 8:47/mi
02/28-03/06: 36.16 @ 8:23/mi
03/07-03/13: 30.11 @ 8:08/mi
03/14-03/20: 20.17 @ 7:59/mi
for month: 8:24/mi
Average race pace: 8:22/mi

Month before the Long Beach Marathon in 2009:
09/13-09/19: 45.74 @ 8:51/mi
09/20-09/26: 39.09 @ 8:33/mi
09/27-10/03: 29.06 @ 8:24/mi
10/04-10/10: 20.29 @ 8:03/mi
Average pace: 8:33/mi
Average race pace: 8:31/mi

It is worth noting that, up until the 23+ miler I ran exactly four weeks ago, this was to be my first marathon wearing minimalist running shoes.  I have not worn my traditional running shoes much over the past few months...over 90% of my marathon training miles were divided between my Merrell Trail Gloves and Vibram Five Fingers Treksports.  That said, I spent this final week of training breaking in my first pair of traditional Asics Kayano 18s, perhaps why this week's pace did not show a similar week-to-week improvement as I have seen in previous years.

Though minimalist shoes have completely eliminated any issues I have had with plantar fasciitis, knee, or hip joints, they have aggravated a pain I have been experiencing in my right ankle.  This tenderness dates back to a snowboarding injury I sustained long before I resumed running...a pain that used to only surface during my longest runs (starting with the Long Beach Marathon, but now present most of the time).  Any issues I experience become harder to ignore on longer runs, so I have decided to wear Kayanos for tomorrow's race.  I have worn Kayanos for all of my marathons.

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