Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 3 with Five Fingers

First time I wore them to work and kept them on all day long, but still no running in them. It has gotten easier to align the toes, but pinkies are still a challenge. Went for a walk...a half mile orbit that included a stop at the local Starbucks. Still feels a bit unusual to walk outside in them, but really have no issues.

The top of these shoes do breathe nicely (I am a bit concerned that the heat emitted by the PC under my desk will make my feet sweat...fortunately the AC is directly overhead and provides nice relief when it kicks in). All-in-all, I think I could get used to wearing them wear as an every day shoe.

And, yes, I did get some comments about them from my coworkers.

I commuted in the NSX, giving me a chance to verify their worthiness as a driving shoe. They definitely have the advantage of not having a clunky sole to get in the way of heel-toe driving and what little sole they do have grips the pedals really nicely. The individual digits do not seem as prone to slipping around the sides of the pedals as they did in the Pilot, but I am still a tad concerned how they will perform in heel-toe driving (which I can't really test during a commute).

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