Sunday, October 24, 2010

Still At It

Cannot believe I have not updated this blog since April. I am still running...just clocked a 1:44:44 doing my "Cheesecake Factory" half marathon orbit (with a 45:34 10km split)...but have not signed up for any races since the Los Angeles Marathon.

Part of the reason I have been shying away from races is on going PF issues with my feet and pain in my right ankle. Obviously, the pain is not enough of a factor to keep me off my routine as I have recovered my race pace and much of the distance (ran 33 1/3 miles on the previous week, starting with a 15 miler). I actually set my unofficial half marathon PR (1:43:49) during a similar 15 miler back in August. I should even cross the YTD 1,000 mile mark before Thanksgiving.

Now that the PF issues affect both of my feet, I am starting to get a little more proactive in dealing with it. This week I started using SOLE Signature DK Response footbeds in my Kayano 15's. The size 11 inserts perfectly fit the size 11 Kayanos. At first, it felt like I was running on tennis balls (I had been using a tennis ball to work out the pain in my arches every morning)...the first real time I had experienced any significant PF pain while running. However, I think they have had an effect on how I feel after running. I even feel less pain when I first step on the hardwood floor in the morning.

I am also trying a ball more suited to the purpose rather than an old tennis ball. Hopefully, the combination of approaches will keep the PF at bay. Again...the pain I am experiencing is not debilitating in the least. I just don't want my running routine to suffer now that I am back up to speed.

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