Sunday, March 28, 2010

First Orbit Post-Marathon #3

Everything went so well during the L.A. Marathon that I rewarded myself with a full week break from running, even though my legs felt like they could run the day after. That said, I am glad I did not jump back on to my feet too quickly because the extra time allowed my blister to heal.

Once again, I chose my basic home orbit as my first workout. It seems strange to only run 3 miles. The last time I targeted this distance was in November of last year, before I resumed my marathon training schedule. I chose this distance so my wife (who has not run many times over the past few months) would be willing to join me. I will not reduce my pace for her, but will stop to encourage her along the way.

As with the week after Long Beach, it is a lot warmer today than on race least 10 degrees warmer. I cannot believe how lucky I have been since my meltdown on Maui. I cannot recall training in temperatures this warm since the year began. I doubt I would have recorded a personal record under these conditions.

I feel no ill effects from last week's race. I am not nearly as winded as expected when I reach the first peak. My legs feel surprisingly fresh...much better than they did at any point during my final month of training. I really open it up on the flat and downhill stretches. My right ankle and arch are still a little tender, so I am careful not to go too fast.

I start coughing...allergies have kicked in. It is definitely Spring. That said, coughing and sneezing is not slowing me in the slightest. The first and last inclines usually kill my pace, but I complete the final mile in a quick 7:15.

When I stop my watch, I am surprised to see my average pace is under 8 minutes per mile. This is the fastest I have ever completed my rolling three mile circuit. Perhaps I will be ready for another race sooner than I realize. If I did not have a work deadline mid-May, I would seriously consider signing up for the Palos Verdes Marathon. Maybe I should anyway.

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