Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Great Race Training Update

Chesebro Half Marathon is only three weeks away, so I am starting to step up my pace at half marathon distances (and I can no longer to avoid do so without including significant elevation change). During today's solo run over and around Palos Verdes, I hit 1:53:30 at 13.22 third fastest time at this distance (even faster than my first half marathon race which was on nearly flat terrain).

Even though I am wearing a fairly fresh pair of my favorite Kayano 13's, I have picked up blisters on the balls of both feet and now detect the faint hint of shin splints on my right leg (probably aggravated when I came down Hawthorne Blvd at a sub 7 minute pace). I need to be more careful. I would not want anything to throw off my training this close to a registered event.

I do not expect to top my personal record during this upcoming race, but, based on my progress, I will be very disappointed if I do not set my second fastest time.

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